Remembering Satya Chand

67 Years Old
Birthday: September 08, 1950
Remembrance Day: November 01, 2017

Resident of Union City, CA
Hometown of Suva, CA

Education: High School
Occupation: Retired

"It's okay" Satya Chand ... Always reassuring.

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09:00 AM


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Remembering Satya

Satya Chand was born on September 8, 1950 in Tonga, a suburb of Nausori, Fiji Island. He was the second eldest of five children. Satya graduated from Saraswati High and worked as an accountant at Carpenters Motor Part Division. He lost his father, Ram Prasad, at the age of 35 and dedicated the earlier part of his life to helping his mother, Dhan-Pati, raise his four brothers, Ramesh Chand, Nand Lal, Shui Lal, Mahendra Lal, and sister Saras Wati. He also ran the family owned store and did farming on his family land.On December 18, 1977, he married the love of his life, Mohini Lata, and together they raised three daughters - Daisy, Doreen, and Doleen. Satya was a father figure to many, loved his wife unconditionally, made time for everyone, and helped anyone.Driven to provide a better opportunity for his family, Satya traveled with his family and a single suitcase to United States in 1989 and settled in Bay Area. Upon arrival, he quickly learned the challenges a new place holds but through perseverance, hard work, and his humble character, he achieved several personal accomplishments such as the purchase of his first home in 1992, the education of his three daughters, and most notably, becoming a Board member of Hayward Hindu Temple. Unknowingly, Satya's self-less and benevolent nature, gained him much respect throughout the Fijian Indian community and affection from friends, family and strangers everywhere. While he will be remembered by many, he is survived by his wife Mohini, children, Daisy, Doreen, Doleen, son-in-law, Nikhil, grand-daughters, Inara, Simran, Zarah and his beloved dog, Luna.

Eulogy by middle daughter: Doreen Chand

Dear Friends, Family and Members of the Community,

Thank you all for joining us today. I am very thankful for all the support everyone has shown us in our most difficult hour. Those who knew my father, either personally or through others, would agree he was quiet person with a kind heart. Today, I would like to share a few words about him…

he held my hands when I took my first steps,
he worked hard so I could rest,
he paid my bills when I was careless,
he waived goodbye as I shut the door,
he kept me humble about success,
he gave me a dollar even though I had two,
he spoiled my kids when I would say no,
he waited patiently while I took my time,
he pushed me when I could go no more,
he prayed when I was in pain,
he would call even when I brushed him off,
he embraced Nik when I said “I do”,
and he would touch my head with blessings from above every single time he saw me.
That was my papa and I will miss him dearly.

Eulogy by youngest daughter: Doleen Chand

Dear Friends, Family and Members of the Community,

Thank you all for the abundance of love, support and respect. As many of you know, I️ am Satya Chand’s youngest daughter- which really means I️ am his favorite and always have been daddy’s little girl. My dad has touched many lives and many hearts. As I️ stand here- I️ have recognized the epic journey of my dad life and his legacy. There is a saying behind every successful woman there is a man, which is my dad- he has been my soul drive for my existence. I know my dad has always lived life by leading by example and action. My dad has taught me the meaning of having a joyful and humble heart. He had taught me the meaning of success which stands for the following:

See your goals
Understand the obstacles
Create a positive mental picture
Clear your mind of self doubt
Embrace challenge
Stay on track
Show the world what you can do especially with a smile. My parents have set a strong foundation for my sisters and I️ truly live the American dream- our accomplishment of our education, careers and being business owners. Each stride we have taken has been with the love support from both of my parents. We will always remember my dads smile, his caring heart, the warm embrace. We love you and we will always remember your favorite quote — it’s okay... We will continue to keep the Chand legacy alive and each step I take will make you proud. I will love you Papa and forever grateful of being you little girl.

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